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About the Institute

The Institute of the Information Society (IIS) is an independent research and service organization established in September 1998 by a number of professionals working with information technologies, telecommunications and information policy who were brought together by the common goal of developing the Information Society in Russia.

Our Mission

The Information Society for us is not about creating automatons – it is a society of empowered people, who are talented and successfully self-actualizing; information and communication technologies in capable hands are a useful and easily adjustable instrument rather than an ultimate goal or a panacea.

Our mission is to facilitate the adequate choice of development goals and directions. We propose well thought-out rational solutions because we assume responsibility to our partners and clients for the outcomes of those choices.

Our Goals and Objectives

IIS corporative goals are: 
  • Formation and development of the Information Society in Russia, Russia's integration into the global Information Society
  • Creating favorable climate and favorable conditions that are conducive to the effective interaction between all stakeholders and participants of the Information Society
  • Enabling fair competition in the communications and information market as well as fostering the development of information resources, technologies, infrastructure, and services

We strive to be ahead. This requires several important things from us simultaneously:

  • To always be aware of cutting-edge trends and best practices
  • To constantly advance and improve
  • To create competitive ideas

The IIS key objectives are: 

  • Conducting R&D focused on Information Society and Knowledge Economy
  • Drafting the legislation and conducting expert analyses of bills and regulations aimed at developing the Information Society and Knowledge Economy
  • Developing political, socio-economic, scientific and technical forecasts concerning the Information Society
  • Revising, developing and implementing programs projects geared towards developing the Information Society and building the Knowledge Economy
  • Disseminating knowledge, including development and dissemination of the printed, electronic, audio and video information related to the Information Society issues
  • Facilitating the international cooperation in the process of developing the Information Society and building the Knowledge Economy

Our Principles

We are guided by the following main principles in our work:

  • Innovative and creative approach to any task
  • Respect and careful regard for our clients’ traditions and desires
  • Taking a real stake in partnerships inside and outside the company

Today IIS is a dynamic and sustainable organization which has gained the market reputation of a reliable and professional team of associates.




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