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Information Society Glossary (PDF, 1.21 MB, Rus)

ICT for non-profit organizations

Strategy for Information Society Development in Russia

The Institute provides a wide range of services to the governmental authorities of different levels, private sector, scientific and educational institutions, and for civil society institutions.

The key services offered by the IIS include the following:

  • Completing scientific research and analytical reports related to a wide range of activities directed at developing the Information Society and the Knowledge Economy (including e-Readiness assessments, according to the indicators congruent with the international statistics);
  • Developing strategic and conceptual documentation as well as generating the programs and projects related to the Information Society and Knowledge Economy development and making expert assessments of these programs;
  • Providing the scientific and methodological consulting (which includes forming competitive consortiums and temporary working teams) related to the implementation and management of regional, federal and international projects facilitating the development of the Information Society and Knowledge Economy;
  • Assisting in drafting the legislation and developing regulations for municipal, regional, and federal levels;
  • Offering legal consulting and support services for information technologies, resources and services development and use;
  • Offering information support services and publishing projects related to the Information Society and Knowledge Economy development;
  • Developing comprehensive information systems projects of different scale;
  • Organizing and providing technical support of the interregional, national, and international events;
  • Facilitating the networking process between potential Russian and foreign partners working in the area of Information Society and Knowledge Economy development; and
  • Attracting international and domestic investors and sponsors to support the implementation of projects related to the Information Society, the Knowledge Economy, and e-Development.

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