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Roundtable Digital Economy. Society. Business. State" held within the framework of the 2nd Ulyanovsk Economic Forum

The round table was moderated by Svetlana Openysheva, Director of the Regional State Agency Government for Citizens, who noted that the Ulyanovsk Region was the first in Russia to adopt the concept of introducing intelligent digital technologies "Smart Region" and in cooperation with the World Bank was the first to assess the readiness of the region for the digital economy.

The World Bank experts presented the results of the previous study on the digital economy of the region. It included assessing the complex of factors and the level of use of digital technologies in the Ulyanovsk Region by public authorities, businesses and citizens.

"The public sector in the Ulyanovsk region has a good level of strategic planning in the digital economy, but it requires further update of the legal and regulatory framework." There is a big enough reserve for the development of the digital public services and digital government. In the field of education, the region is one of the most powerful regions in terms of use of information technology having a powerful IT industry.

On the other hand, there is a lack of IT staff. This is one of the most important constraints for the development of the digital economy. In business sector, the region exceeds the all-Russian indicators for the R&D expenditures share in the gross regional product. Most of these costs are born by businesses, but the innovative activity of enterprises is low. The ability of businesses in Ulyanovsk region to introduce digital technologies is quite low.

Ulyanovsk region has a high penetration of broadband Internet access that creates the conditions for the use of digital technologies by citizens. However, digital literacy of the population and continued use of digital public services should be increased, the mistrust of electronic commerce should be reduced said Mikhail Bunchuk, Regional Programs Coordinator of the World Bank.

Dr. Yuri Hohlov, Chairman of the Board of Director of the Institute of the Information Society, added the speech of Mikhail Bunchuk with the information on development of new lines of the Program Digital Economy of the Russian Federation.

He noted that Ulyanovsk Region is a pilot region participating in the health consortium, initiative groups for the development of new lines of the program related to the digital industry and in the Smart City line. This is the right approach, which allows participating in these initiatives from the very beginning and coordinate the regions activities at federal level. He believes that this approach of the region can be only supported. And it is necessary to pay tribute to Sergei Morozov, Governor of Ulyanovsk Region, and those responsible for the development of the digital economy in the region, "- said Yuri Hohlov.

In his speech, Sergei Kiselev, Head of Department of Measuring and Computational Complexes of Ulyanovsk State Technical University, mentioned the importance of application of the industrial Internet of Things.

Report presented by Anton Safiullin, Head of Economic Theory Department, was devoted to opportunities and challenges of the digital economy development.

Final report of the round table, presented by Dmitry Shabalkin, Adviser at the Rector's office for Human Resources for the Defense Industry of the Ulyanovsk State University was focused on strategic project Workshop for Leadership Competencies in Digital Transformation.

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