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Open Innovations. Start-Up Tour. Tyumen

Deputy Governor of Tyumen Region Vadim Shumkov welcomed the guests and participants.

In order to ensure growth of innovative sector of the economy, it is not necessary to overwhelm it with money. It is enough to provide favorable environment for the innovative start-up and development of innovative thinking. In the last year and a half, we have been actively trying to form such a friendly environment in Tyumen. Today's event is one of the stages of this work,-he said.

On March 5, 2018 the discussion on digital economy was held. Dr. Yuri Hohlov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Institute of the Information Society spoke at the event. He noted that much of the work done in this sphere will ne be needed in the future.

He said, Digital economy is about something else. The industries themselves will change so much that everything that have been done by now will become only well-fertilized soil, on which we will need to grow something new". Dr. Hohlov said that the program for the development of the digital economy in Russia, which had recently been approved by the Prime-Minister Dmitry Medvedev, is in the process of formation yet. It misses the regional level at the moment. According to the IIS Chairman, there are regions that themselves offer pilot projects. There are also those who wait and those who will never take the initiative. He advised to Tyumen region to take an active position. 

He noticed that when he had heard about support to IT sector, he had always wanted to ask, how the industrys contribution to the economy of the region could be assessed, whether the money spent had been returned, or they had been transferred to the economy of the other region, or possibly to a foreign economy. Often there was no answer, he said.   

Dr. Hohlov said that his organization had analyzed the state of the digital economy in the country and in some regions. According to the expert, some things from the experience of other regions can be recommended to the Tyumen Region. For example, compensation for mortgage payments for IT professionals.

"To manage the process, you must understand the current state and build a targeted plan for the future, resumed his speech Dr. Hohlov.

Head of the Department of Industry and Entrepreneurship Anton Mashukov asked the expert whether it seemed to him that compensation for mortgages, rather than fees for rented accommodation, limited the mobility of specialists. According to Dr. Hohlov, everything depends on the purpose. If the purpose is short-term, then you can confine yourself to renting an apartment.  "But tomorrow this person can prepare himself for journey and leave. And if he has a desire to form a cluster, it is necessary to take strategic steps, the expert said. There was a question in Ulyanovsk region on why they needed their own data center. The answer was that if the businesses used data storage had placed on the territory of the region, the money would not leave outside. Speaking about support measures, you should look, whether the invested funds stay in the region", he said.

Another panelist, Alexander Fertman, Director of the Department for Science and Education of Skolkovo Foundation, argued that oil and gas industry forms the region's economy. Contribution of IT industry could be assessed through its successes, rather than separately. If there were no necessary products in the region, the companies would be guided by the best samples in Russia and in the world. The aim was to attract those who help oil and gas companies, and not create an IT backwater, he said. Dr. Hokhlov replied to the opponent that the two "most global" companies in Ulyanovsk were not related with the traditional car industry in the region, and support measures were designed to keep specialists.

Source: http://fedpress.ru/news/72/policy/1979194

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